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We collect:

Information you choose to submit to us by signing up to offers, news or a competition, by sending us emails or texts, by adding posts to any of our websites or apps, by completing feedback surveys, by interacting with us on social media, by speaking to us, booking with us or registering an account with us.

Details of the purchases you make on our websites, through our mobile apps and in our outlets. These include the time, date and location of purchase; the things you buy from us; any vouchers, discounts or other alternative means of payment you may use, as well as relevant payment cards such as a credit or debit card.

Any giftcard or other unique identification numbers we may issue to you from time to time.

Information on what you view, click on and access in and through our marketing emails and text messages, websites and mobile apps. We also collect this information when you use our WIFI networks to access the internet. We may collect the time and geographic location of your device when you do so. For websites, this information may also include where you came to our outlet from, and where you went when you left it. We also track how often you visit and use our websites and mobile apps.

Technical information about the devices you use to access our websites and mobile apps. We also collect this information when you use our WIFI networks to access the internet. We collect each device’s unique identifying codes (e.g. its “MAC” address), relevant IP address, operating system and version, web browser and version, and geographic location.

Your social media content where this is in the public domain. This information can include posts and comments, pictures and video footage.

Profile information and insight from organisations that already hold information on you, such as ‘customer insight companies’. They give us their views on your household, your status, as well as your possible preferences and behaviours.


We use the information we collect:

To provide you with our websites, mobile apps and WIFI networks.

To power our security measures and services for example, so we can recognise your username and password, as well as reset them if you happen to forget what they are.

To enable us to run competitions and offers for which you have signed up.

To gather feedback from you about our brands, websites, mobile apps, other services and activities from time to time. We may invite you to provide this feedback on occasion, for example by emailing you. We may use independent research and feedback providers to do so on our behalf.

To contact you from time to time about things you have told us you want to hear about.

To respond to any questions, suggestions, issues or complaints you have raised.

To respond to any social media posts or other public comments you make about us, our brands, websites, mobile apps, services or other activities.#

To communicate with you about operational changes to our products, services, websites and mobile apps, for example if we were to withdraw one of our apps, or change this privacy policy.

To gather statistics about how you and other people use our outlets, websites and mobile apps, WIFI networks and what you think of our adverts, offers, news, competitions, social media and other digital content. We then analyse these statistics to understand if these things appear interesting and meet most people’s needs, or if they should be improved, and if so, what design or other changes (e.g. around the nature and timing of communications) would be most beneficial both for our customers and for our business.

To monitor use of our websites and mobile apps to see if they are being abused or threatened.

To protect you and our business against other potential criminal behaviour, e.g. fraud or ID theft.

To maintain administrative and statutory records about our business.

To enable us and our third party service providers to plan and manage our day-to-day business and related services as effectively as possible, for example in predicting likely sales volumes so we can meet demand.

To enable us to understand what our customer and user base looks like across all our businesses, from our smallest to our largest outlet. We do this by combining your information with information about our other customers and users of our websites, mobile apps and our WIFI networks, so we can spot trends and common factors amongst everyone. To enable us to conduct focussed market research based on those trends and factors, which we can then use to further improve our products and services for all of our customers.

In the process of anonymising your information so that you are no longer identifiable to us.

To analyse whether the money we spend on marketing advertising, on TV, billboards, online and in search engines represents good value for us or not.

We do so in part by matching information common to the various different sources of information we have about you, to build a bigger, richer picture.


We cannot run our business or provide many of the services and benefits you expect to receive without involving other people and businesses. We only share your information in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.


We take the security of your information very seriously. We comply with the Data Protection Act 1998 which requires us to have in place appropriate security measures at all times, including where we share your information with our suppliers and partners.


We can only keep your information for as long as necessary for the purposes set out above. This restriction is set by the Data Protection Act 1998. The precise length of time we hold your information for varies depending on the individual circumstances.


If you want to understand your information rights in full, please check out the website for the Office of the Information Commissioner at The Information Commissioner regulates most UK data and information laws, including the Data Protection Act 1998, and make a wealth of user-friendly information available on their website.


We will need to update this policy from time to time as our business changes. We will endeavour to tell you in advance by sending a service message to you if we hold your email address. Otherwise, please look out for the flags on our websites and materials which indicate we have changed this policy. If you continue to use our services after we have changed our policy, we will take it that you accept the changes.